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Developer description

Number tells app is a primary self-help tool. By simply using your birth date, one can find out the character traits so that you are able to indentify yourself.The meaning of numbers clearly explained and reveals every aspects of your strength and weaknesses.

It is the best way to gain greater insight, understand your personality and true nature, your health, career, wealth directions, relationship, and from here you will know how to eliminate the bad, increase the good and take control of and master your destiny

With this app you will be able to :

For Personal Gain:
o Understand your strong and weak points. Focus your weak traits to make good.
o Know and understand who your friends are.
o Know the character and behavior of your loved ones and guide them from young.
o Learn to avoid clashes among family members.
o Learn how to make good friends and avoid bad friends
o Understand your life partner character, so as to develop a steadfast relationship.

For Organization or Self Employed:
o Identify which staff is good and who is more suitable for the job.
o Understand their character, strength, talents, and weaknesses.
o Helps in the areas of recruitment.

Last updated 31 Jan 2013