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Published 3 Apr 2013

It seems like a parent's life takes a bit of a  back seat as soon as a child comes along and takes up the majority of their time. Trying to further yourself with classes and courses can turn into a bit of a nightmare. Half the problem isn't necessarily with the harried parent though.  Quite often the problem lies with poor website information and badly organized companies who fail to deliver the information that you need. Nurturize is a new search engine application designed for parents that makes it easier to search and find the classes and courses they need for both them and their children.
Wouldn’t it be nice to find some 'you' time for a change? How about learning salsa dancing or taking the confidence building course to feel more empowered or taking a physical fitness class so that you get to feel great. Nurturize helps parents find time to make better choices in living a happy and healthy life. Nurturize was born out of the frustration of busy parents who are tired of sending hours finding out-of-school activities for their kids as well as making their own lives a little easier. It simplifies the class finding experience so you get into the right class quickly and easily. The app came about when one of the developers started looking for a swimming class for their daughter. They spent hours browsing and sorting through multiple websites, emailing and calling providers and finally got their child into the right one and enrolled her in the class. The situation was repeated the following summer when thy were looking to enroll her in a dance class but they ended up not even signing her up simply because they could not find a provider that could fit into their busy schedule. When they started the search they called a couple of providers but it just became too frustrating. It was unclear which age appropriate dance classes would be of benefit for her age group and the search ended.  After that experience they started researching further and saw that there wasn't a centralized platform for classes whether they were kids, teens or adults. With most parents facing the same challenge the developers wanted to make searching and finding the right class painless in a plain, simple and easy way. How much more time could we be spending with our kids and loved ones if we could spend less time searching on the internet. This also allows us to have more time to ourselves to nurture our own potential and discover new passions in our own lives.
Well it's certainly true that parents barely have enough time to get the dinner on the table these days let alone sending copious amounts of hours on the Internet searching out comparative classes and courses for themselves and their kids. So, it's a welcome surprise to see this new set of search tools that simplifies and concentrates the search for the most user-friendly offer available. Nurturize is easy to use and let's you filter by provider, category, type, location, price, date, time, rating or even age group if it comes to that. It is a very useful set of tools that all busy parents would be silly to ignore.

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