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A full featured set of tools to manage collaborative projects from beginning to end

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Published 10 Jan 2016

You might remember from a year or two back when FeedMyApp reviewed a great little invoicing and time tracking app called Nutcache that turned out to be just brilliant for small businesses and freelancers. Well, that little app has now grown up and turned into a fully featured, collaborative project management app that will help businesses of all sizes to work smarter and more efficiently together. It provides a full set of tools to help teams collaborate more efficiently, be better organized and manage projects in order to deliver great results.

Nutcache v9 is an all-in-one collaborative project management web app that aims to help both small and large businesses as well as freelancers work better and smarter together. It includes much improved, comprehensive time tracking, invoicing and expense management features that, along with its project management functionality, provides an integrated workspace to manage projects from beginning to end.

Its great collaborative features means that you can now invite coworkers, clients and others to work with you on your projects in real-time. You can share comments, project advancement notes and documents of all kinds with fellow workers. Nutcache lets you organize your projects and ideas with boards, lists and cards and illustrate them with photos to match your team’s preferred project management method. Track the time your team spends on any number of specific projects and make sure deadlines and budgets are under control so that you will always know where your projects stand. Finally, the app improves on...