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A full featured set of tools to manage collaborative projects from beginning to end

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Published 10 Jan 2016

[cont'd] its earlier invoicing and time tracking background by providing an all-in-one solution to invoicing. This is where the pay off comes and all your hard work will be rewarded when you get paid. And you can now achieve that with just the click of a button.

There's a very useful new feature that lets you easily create a new board as 'public' so that anyone you give its URL to will be able to view it. You can share the board's link with anyone you wish to - allowing you to showcase any number of projects that you are working on. Now you can you show clients - in real-time - all the work you've been doing and have it broken down into phases, tasks, worked hours and due dates. Alternatively, you could use the public boards to highlight your portfolio and display your workskills to advertise yourself as a graphic designer, a photographer or an artist. You can even use the boards when you get home at night to share everything from recipes, vacation details and travel plans, if you like.

Nutcache v9 is such a vast improvement on the previous version of the app that it's almost a different being. While it retains the simplicity of the original, it is now a super powerful, fully featured, project management app that will take you from the fruition of a project right through to the most important bit - getting paid! This very flexible app offers teams better...