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Published 21 Dec 2021

I'm sure, at some point in our online lives, we've all asked Google or Alexis (or whoever else is out there if it comes to that,) some questions that we need answers for. What you tend to get back is a loose interpretation of answers because you're asking the whole world about something that may well be a local issue. For example, you might want to know which is the best sushi restaurant close to you. Now, what you don't want is to get an answer that tells you which business has spent the most money to get their restaurant to the top of the search list. What you are really looking for is experience. You want an answer from someone who has been to several sushi places close to you and knows which one is the best.

Facebook has a feature called recommendations and that goes some way to serving the purpose because it targets your friends but they too may well be scattered all around the globe so it's only really half way there. What's needed is an app that can localise your search and get results and recommendations from the people in your local community. Oaklo is that app. If you ask Oaklo which is the best sushi restaurant  in your local area you'll get recommendations from other users on the app who actually live or work in your community and who have first-hand experience of just how good and fresh the sushi is at a particular restaurant. 

Oaklo is an app that lets you anonymously tap into your community to find trusted recommendations and answers to  the simplest or most challenging questions. In fact, you can request recommendations about pretty much everything and anything. Whether it's the best electrician, the cheapest plumber or any other type of professional service in your community (or indeed the best sushi restaurant) you can add and connect with a huge number of trusted professionals on the activity page.

If it's local information that you need, you can simply limit you feed so that you only view posts from within your circle of friends and family from the contacts in your personal network. However, if it's the bigger picture you are looking for, you can crowdsource from any of the Oaklo users with accounts. Let's say that you want to know the best car to buy or where the best holiday destination is right now. This side of the app then gives you opinions and recommendations from all users so you get a much broader spread of ideas. 

Oaklo serves a great purpose for the community by providing trusted recommendations from your fellow users and it's all there at your fingertips. Unlike many other recommendation services, here you are totally anonymous. You can ask anything you like and, judging from the questions and answers that I looked at when researching this app, you'll get a whole bunch of answers, opinions or recommendations to help you decide. You can even vote or comment on replies too. Whether it be the best sushi or the answer to the meaning of life, the chances are, someone in Oaklo will have an answer for you. 

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