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Oatsy is the only nutrition app and calorie counter that has every feature completely free, including many of the paid ones in apps like MyFitnessPal, Lifesum and MyPlate. No subscriptions, no one time payments whatsoever. We give every Oatsy user full access to the app, with every feature unlocked once you download it. If you want to achieve a nutrition goal, lose weight, gain weight, start a diet, or simply stay on top of your eating, Oatsy is the app for you!

** All Features Unlocked For Free **

** BRAND NEW iOS 14 Widget Support **


• Advanced Food diary - From over 950,000+ food products, easily track every food you eat throughout the day with the largest verified nutrition database in the world.

• Set Goals - Enter a goal weight and the app gives you a game plan on how to achieve it.

• Customizable Meal Plans - Choose the meal plan that fits your personal goals, whether it is Classic Dieting, Fasting, Keto, or custom meal plans.

• Barcode Scanner - Use our scanner to instantly log foods with a barcode. Just click the button and save time.

• Helpful Graphs - Check out your day-by-day weight, calorie and exercise progress to make sure you're on track to reach your nutrition goals on time.

• FitScore health assistant - Better understand your recent health activity, Oatsy FitScore assistant can remind you if you're low on carbs or need more exercise.

• Apple health integration - Sync your steps counting data directly with Apple health.


• Full Nutrition Tracking - Detailed daily nutrition analysis. Count calories and all macro & micro nutrients breakdown of the foods you ate - from Calories, Carbs, Fat, Protein to Dietary Fiber, Sugars, Saturated / Unsaturated fat, Sodium, Cholesterol and Potassium.

• Custom food and food combos - efficiently track daily food intake by creating your custom food and food combinations.

• Food Ranking - Check out foods that help you to achieve your goals or accommodate to food restrictions, such as weight loss, body building, digestion, diabetes, high-blood pressure, detox.

• Healthy Recipes - Instantly copy popular recipes to your custom food list, or share your favorite recipe to the world! Log in healthy portions, and know all the macro breakdown.

• Restaurant Food Log - Add menu items from popular restaurants so you don't have to worry about nutrition accuracy. Accurate calorie counter from a variety of sources.


• Choose Activities - Select from a variety of activities to log your exercise; the app includes it in the calorie totals.

• Custom Exercises - Don't see your activity on the list? Create a custom exercise to add to your log.


• Follow your friends' food journeys and keep up to date with the latest news in nutrition. Learn from the experts and stay on top of your calories journey.

• Share food pics, recipes, workout vids, or general updates.

• Check out Oatsy Daily for motivation, ideas, and important news.


The Oatsy App comes with every feature completely unlocked and free. We are also actively adding new features to the app all the time! Oatsy has absolutely zero in-app purchases because we want you to succeed without needing a budget at all.

Download the Oatsy App and get started on your nutrition journey today!

Last updated 2 Feb 2021

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