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Give Obama a mandate to fix the fiscal cliff

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You wanted Obama to win on Election Day and he did! However, it would've been even better if the ... More

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Published 26 Nov 2012

It's quite amazing that the rest of the world would happily have Barack Obama as their leader and yet about half the voting public in the US didn't actually vote for him in the recent Presidential election. Personally, I think that in 100 years time he will be talked about the same way that we talk about Lincoln, Kennedy, Washington and Roosevelt but I guess that depends on your political views. If you are a supporter you will be mightily pleased that he won and, by playing this iPad rotate and tilt game, you can try to increase his majority and win all 538 electoral votes. You might be able to get a mandate to get past Boehner and solve the "fiscal cliff" problem.
Obama's Clean Sweep is the iPad game for Obama supporters who wanted to see the Democrats win on Election Day. However, for the Democrats out there, it would've been even better if the entire country had supported and voted for him. It would have provided him with a clear mandate to solvethat "fiscal cliff" crisis that's going to crop up pretty soon. Now, with your support and skill,  you can help Obama to have full support and win all 50 states! From Alabama to Wyoming you can rotate and tilt to help Obama win over everyone with Obama's Clean Sweep! The campaign trail is long and tough and Obama needs your help to win all 538 electoral votes...