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There are a few things we miss in spreadsheets when we are working with data that has a structure to it. If, for instance, you want something as simple as a column of checkboxes, the best you can do is have a column in which you type 'Y' or 'N'. Another example is hierarchical relationships - say you create a table of clients, and then for each client you need to record multiple contracts.
These are really basic features that a ton of people can make use of, and with Obvibase we have tried to make them available without a burden of added complexity.
- Clean and simple design.
- Checkboxes, multiple choice dropdowns, default values, tables nested in cells, and more.
- Attach files to database records. Choose existing files in Google Drive or Dropbox, or upload files from your computer.
- See changes made by other users in real time.
- Sign in easily with your account on Google or Facebook
- you won't disclose your email.
The database itself is stored on Obvibase, and attached files are stored in Google Drive or Dropbox. To ensure reliability, all data that we store is replicated in real time across multiple datacenters. You data doesn't get stuck on Obvibase: you can always export it into csv format (including permanent links to attached Google Drive or Dropbox files).
WHAT IS THE PRICING? Obvibase is completely free for individual use, or what we call the Basic plan. With this plan, you can have any number of databases and give other people read-only access to them. With the Pro plan ($4.99/month), you can let other people not just view, but also edit your databases. For two or more people to be able to collaboratively edit a database, only its owner has to have a Pro subscription.

Last updated 25 Jul 2014

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