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Developer description

Whenever you find your kids asking about your profession, it’s hard to describe it orally. You may need some pictures to help them out. Occupation Book is one of the best apps in the play store that gives you exact information about the occupation with relevant images.
It’s one of the easiest ways for kids to identify different occupations. The information is given in a simple manner so that your kids can grasp it quickly! Have a look at some fascinating features in occupation book:
Names and meanings of the occupation

Basic information regarding the job or profession

Information about various professionals like Doctors, Scientists, Teacher, Engineers and others visualized with details

Availability of knowing the professionals through different languages

Quiz section to enhance your kid’s knowledge
This app is not just for identifying the occupations but it helps a lot for your kids to make a clear path for their future. At a very early age, your kids can get an idea what profession is all about! Occupation Book app is now available in the play store for free of cost. When you try this app you will definitely feel the difference. So download it now!

Last updated 29 May 2014