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Get cheaper automobile insurance by tracking and improving your driving skills

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Understand your unique driving style and become a better, safer driver with Octo U! Get your ... More

Editor's review

Published 4 Sep 2015

It wasn't that long ago that car insurance was simply insurance. There wasn't a lot of difference between one company and the next and the main factors in determining the premiums we pay for insurance was our age and the classification of the vehicle we are driving. However, in many countries these days there's another area that can affect the level of payment. In most US states, for example, any moving violations can assess points on your driving record. As a result, with more points tending to indicate future violations, insurance companies review driving records every now and again and raise premiums accordingly. In 1998 one enterprising insurance company offered lower premiums for cars that were fitted with a GPS system that tracked their performance. And that's where Octo U comes in. It automatically detects all your car’s movements and your driving skills while tracking your trip and rating it with an objective score. The basic aim is to help you to become a better and safer driver and give you a great driver score - giving you the chance to secure cheaper automotive insurance.

Octo U is a free app that turns your mobile into a virtual vehicle blackbox and diagnostics tool, with an app that is easy and fun to use. It helps you to better understand your own unique driving style and become a better, safer driver. When you have a great driver score, you can earn any of over fifty different badges and even share and show off your achievements with your friends. Octo U helps you improve your driving skills by automatically monitoring every trip that you make and by offering personalized tips to make you a better and safer driver. The app knows everything you do including how far you've driven, how long you drive for and what type of vehicle you are traveling in - not to mention when you accelerate, break and corner. Add your Facebook friends and you can like and comment on their trips as well as starting discussions and sharing your own driving tips. View all your previous routes - mapped out with detailed information - so you can monitor how far your progress has come. You can edit your trip information, indicate if you were the driver or passenger and whether the trip was for business or pleasure.

Octo U is your essential modern day driving companion for iOS, Android and Apple Watch. It detects and monitors all your everyday travels with the aim of giving them an objective score - securing you a cheaper deal on automotive insurance - while also improving your driving skills. The app looks impressive on your mobile device and makes a very useful addition to the Apple Watch functionality. Maybe the money that you save on your insurance will go some way to offsetting the cost of the Watch. The information Octo U delivers is clear, concise and informative and the interface is easy and logical to use. Oh, and just in case you were wondering, your driving history is totally private and the cops won't be able to find out if you were speeding on the way home from work last week.

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