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A simple to use set of small business management tools that can make you more productive

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OElite Platform is a cloud based online business software created to make small business owners ... More

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Published 22 Dec 2014

One of things that has been holding back small business when it comes to having an online presence has been lack of technical knowledge. Many business owners are technically challenged by website builders and CRMs, feel that they just don't have the computer skills to maintain them properly or figure that they are just too damned expensive to justify. If they do attempt to enter the online world they will generally cherry pick cheap, individual services and hope that they will all work together somewhere down the line. OElite Platform offers a cost effective set of small business management tools that provide a complete package to make life easier and maximize productivity for the beleaguered small business owner. This cloud based business app gives you a website builder and email hosting as well as both sales and CRM tools in one place.
Most small businesses think they don't have sufficient technical knowledge or the budget to consider taking on a comprehensive IT solution for their business. OElite Platform circumnavigates this by offering a complete set of easy to use small business tools to give you a professional business identity for an affordable monthly fee. They simplify everything and offer website creation, domain, email and online store set up, inventory management (including multiple locations), quote creation, sales orders and invoice and payment records - as well as all the sales and marketing features that a small business needs - and its all in one place. On top of the tailored...