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A simple to use set of small business management tools that can make you more productive

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Published 22 Dec 2014

[cont'd] website, the app lets you manage all your multi-channel sales orders, your inventory, customer data, sales leads and opportunities in real-time. You can identify your market strengths and VIPs using the unique Sales Channel feature and segment your sales based on online sales, affiliate sales, your different branches or your retailers - if you are in the wholesale business. It gives you clear and easy access to all the systems and processes your business needs including order processing, invoice control, full inventory control and CRM access. The good news is that all of the features can be implemented with a few mouse clicks and a small amount of simple text editing. There's not a hint of complicated coding to deal with and you won't have to get your head around any confusing programming - meaning that even the most un-technical person will be able to pick it up pretty quickly. If you are still worried that it might tax your technical knowledge, they also offer telephone and email technical support to answer any questions or enquiries.
OElie Platform's aim is to help small business to get better organized, increase its sales, get paid faster, give great support to its customers and, as a consequence, make the business more efficient and productive. Its main advantage over many of its competitors is without a doubt its simplicity of use.  It will appeal to those businesses that have resisted the temptation to move their businesses online for cost...