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Do you find yourself forgetting which wine you enjoyed at a restaurant, but don't necessarily need the social media world to see what, where, and when you've tasted it? Do you find yourself a professional wine taster who can easily distinguish the different types of wines, or do you find yourself an amateur who just likes drinking on different occasions? No matter if you are a heavy drinker, a moderate drinker, a once-in-a-year drinker, or you fall somewhere in between, Off the Vine is going to become your best companion. Off the Vine enables you to easily keep track of the wines you've tasted and rate them based on any criteria you have in your mind, without any social media exposure. After a while, you will have your own database of wines with your own rating for each one. Keeping track of your favorite wines with this app makes shopping for the perfect party wine so much easier.

Off the Vine main features at a glance:
-Clean and neat design with a fresh and intuitive interface
-Never have to remember if you liked a certain wine or not
-Add as many or as little details as you want
-Fun badges to see your progress
-No internet connection required
-Suitable for professional or amateur wine tasters
-Only for adults (21 years or older)

So, download Off the Vine for free on your iOS device, start completing the database of different wine types, rate them, and never forget about the best wine you’ve ever tasted.

Last updated 30 Jan 2019

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