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Published 27 Sep 2011

There’s an extreme market research theory that says if you want to know someone’s spending habits then have a look through their trash. Discarded packaging will certainly indicate where they’ve been shopping but it’s a messy business.

Another way of course is to get access to their credit card details and see where they’ve been without getting your hands dirty. Whilst that’s not quite the way describes its services I can’t help thinking the theory is lurking in there somewhere.

The benefits are all the users of course, as long as you don’t mind registering all of your credit and debit card details and allowing Offermatic direct access to your accounts. Data is protected with bank grade 256 bit encryption in case you’re worried.

The site is keen to point out that the only details they access is the name of the merchants you’ve spent money at and not transaction amounts or anything related to your personal credit situation. By tracking your spending habits they are able to obtain offers from favorite shops and service providers along with card rebates and their own reward points.

Offer details are emailed to users on a weekly basis and rebates are applied directly to the relevant card account. You can also get rewards for getting friends to sign up. To get the best out of the system users are urged to register every card used in order that a “complete purchase history” is obtained leading to more relevant offers.

I’m sure it works well for a lot of people and some very useful offers are generated, and with all the random junk hitting in-boxes these days though it would at least be an improvement to get one or two that were relevant.

The cynic in me however says that offers from shops selling similar stuff to one or two of the ones regularly visited will be amongst them.

A useful site for anyone constantly looking for offers. As long as you don’t mind your complete shopping habits being monitored that is.

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