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Published 11 Nov 2015

[cont'd] that you are interested in and whether you can learn from them. Request a session with them and, if that person approves your spot and think they can be of some help to you, you'll get 10 minutes of their time for free. Officehours will take care of everything else including the scheduling, time zones, reminders and the call itself so all you have to do is to ready the questions that you'd like to ask. If your request is approved you'll be contacted with a confirmation of times and dates etc. Being top professionals, you'll find that some advisors will be in high demand. However, if you are unsuccessful in booking a specific session, you can simply reapply for a different available session.

One thing you must remember is that, once the session begins, you only get 10 minutes of your advisor's valuable time, so it's important that you prepare well for your scheduled session. Take the time to do a little research on your advisor and prepare the questions that you want to ask. Then all you have to do is find a quiet place, plug your headphones and mic into your computer and sign in to Officehours using Firefox or Chrome to start your session and get your personalized advice. Clever people will cut out any small talk, get to the point, listen closely, take notes and absorb the advice they are given.

Whether you are a seasoned pro...