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Published 11 Nov 2015

[cont'd] looking for new business insights or a complete amateur with a great idea but no idea how to start, Officehours offers a unique opportunity to tap the vast experience offered by hundreds of experienced professionals. Having perused the list of advisors I can see there are a large number of very skilled men and women from many different countries around the world, all of whom are more than willing to offer their time in one-on-one 10-minute consultations for free. Sessions are run during the advisor’s chosen office hours and, on completion of the session, both the questioner and the advisor will be asked to rate the experience. These ratings - along with other factors - contribute to their karma scores. While I doubt that any of the professionals in Officehours will be able to come up with an answer for world peace, they will certainly give you the best and cheapest business advice you'll get all year.