Developer description

You send thousands of emails every week. officeMailer converts your email into a powerful online marketing tool.
How? It allows you to dynamically serve banner ads at the bottom of your email signature.
Basic Features of officeMailer:
1. Automate the serving of ads You or your employees no longer need to manually attach an image on your signature/s every time there’s a new ad. officeMailer dynamically serves ads on your signature.
2. Centrally manage your ads Manage all your campaigns in one place and edit them any time. If there are several active campaigns, the system will rotate them, displaying one ad at a time per signature.
3. Control and customize what ads to display If you’ve various departments and you want each to display a different ad, assign ads to display per group.
4. Create a banner ad within a few seconds Input your ad text, upload an image and the system will automatically generate a banner ad for you. You can also upload ready-made gif, jpeg and png files.
5. Track ad views and ad clicks Know how many viewed and clicked on your ads, and other analytics. And determine which employees are generating the most ad views and clicks.
officeMailer is ideal for:
(1) Companies who would like to centrally manage and maximize their employees' signatures.
(2) Entrepreneurs, digital practitioners and freelancers who would like to promote their services, site or content on their email signatures. officeMailer is compatible with: Gmail, Yahoo Mail and Zimbra.

Last updated 6 Aug 2015