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Can Hipstamatic rise from the dead and eclipse Instagram

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Hipstamatic's subscription-based photo filter app is now publicly available on iTunes, a few ... More

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Published 28 May 2013

Given the amount of dithering around that Instagram has done since its acquisition by Facebook, it was really only a matter of time till someone came up with a credible alternative. However, rather than some 'new kid on the block' coming along to try and steal the almost iconic photosharing app's thunder, it is an old foe that has re-emerged. For all you newbies, Hipstamatic was the bees-knees before the Instagram revolution took hold and here it introduces its own photo sharing app for iOS known as Oggl (as in 'oggling' at photos, I guess.) This simple to use and mighty good looking app lets you capture, filter, curate and share your favorite photos.
Hipstamatic has updated itself with their new Oggl photography app that brings new shortcuts to make photosharing as simple as a couple of clicks. Some of the new features include a simple 'tap-and-hold' technique to focus, an easy drag to set the exposure and a snappy double-tap to love photos. Oggl is a “capture-first” shooting experience that uses Hipstamatic’s beautiful lenses and films and comes with five pre-loaded 'favorites' for situational shooting - landscape food, portrait, nightlife and sunset. For the first time ever, you can now edit a photo after it has been taken so that you can experiment with different looks and then simply tap it to preview how it will look before you take your shot. Share your best photos to your Oggl profile to curate your personal story or browse the...