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Can Hipstamatic rise from the dead and eclipse Instagram

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Published 28 May 2013

[cont'd] many feeds that have been curated by the Hipstamatic team as well as some talented photographers from around the world. Using the 'my collection' feature, you can view your photos and have them showcased right next to all the photos that you’ve curated from around the community. Finally, you can share your artistic masterpieces to Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Foursquare, Tumblr and Flickr and tag the location and other Oggl community members in your photos.
While Oggl is fundamentally a free photo application you might want to subscribe to get the best out of it. There are a couple of options - quarterly for under three bucks and yearly for under ten - and this ensures that the app is more about having fun with your photos than it is about advertising. Yes, thankfully it is ad free. For your dollars, the developers offers access to Hipstamatic's entire catalog of current lens and film gear with new stuff guaranteed each month. When Instagram was purchased by Facebook there was a lot of talk about the monetization of your photos featured there and a lot of people were looking for an alternative and now they have one. Right now it is only available for your iDevice but there'll be an Android version coming in the next few months. Only time will tell if Oggl will make its mark on the photo share world but you can be sure, with the Hipstamatic name attached to it, it is a quality...