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Developer description

Technology has changed the ways of communicating from time to time and now a day’s one of the most used and preferred official way of communicating is via email client. This states the significance of email clients in today’s time which makes it quite necessary for users to choose the one which suits their requirements and convenience level. These situations are what determine the level of different types of client amongst users. Being one of the most preferred clients, Outlook is designed in varied versions to make it feasible for all types of users to get it operability according to the platform they work on. Like how, a Mac operating system user if wants to work with Outlook will have to use its 2011 version which is exclusively made to work on Mac systems. Meanwhile, Outlook 2003, 2007, 2010, etc versions are suitable to be accessed on just any available version of Windows operating system. The complication comes in when, users decide moving their OLM files to PST due to dissatisfaction or any other issue surfaced because of OLM file. At such situations, users mostly demand for a procedure via which they can Convert OLM PST free of troubles, complications but with accuracy.

Last updated 8 May 2013

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