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On Site™ is an exciting new mobile box office that fits in your pocket. It empowers event ... More

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Published 11 Oct 2011

If it's The Eagles you are selling tickets for then you're not going to have this problem. You will probably have sold the gig out anyway but even if you haven't, your huge box office will have all windows open and ready for sales whether it's cash, check or credit card. However, if you are a small time promoter and you still want those ticket sales you're going to have a way of taking credit cards. Do you want to go through all the rigmarole of setting up a full credit card office or do you want an easier way of doing it? On Site is a mobile box office that accepts credit card payments from ticket buyers when they turn up at the door.
On Site™ is an exciting new mobile box office that fits in your pocket.This iPhone event tool is in prelaunch stage at the moment and will empower event organizers to sell more tickets and increase revenue by accepting credit card payments at the door of their events. Quite often your pre-release sales will be done from your office and, from there, its relatively easy to organise your ticket sales for your gig or movie. However when you move to the venue itself for on the night sales it gets a little more complicated. Its not quite so easy to transfer all your credit card paraphenalia with you. Do you apologise to your potential customers and send them down the road looking for a cash machine because you have no credit card facilities or do you solve the problem? This is where On Site comes in handy. It’s as easy as Sign, Swipe, Sold! On Site™ is powered by TicketDerby.com and made available as a free iPhone app.

Well do you want to sell more tickets or not. It's as simple as that really. If people want to spend money with you I can see no good reason to send them away, can you. If you tried to organize this with your bank it involves a he'll of a lot of paperwork to get a new terminal to the venue. Believe me I've been there and done that...it's time consuming and can cost you money. On Site fills a gap in the market. It means you won't have to turn customers away and you can process their credit cards immediately and securely. If you are putting on a small or big event you'd be mad not to consider this free app that you can just slip in your pocket when you're finished.

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