Developer description

OnAir Player is your private music cloud that can be controlled from any device. It is the central place where users can access all their music and stream it to other devices.

It enables users to access music that is stored on other devices without syncing or uploading their music. Users can install OnAir Player on as many devices as they want and on each device they have access to the sum of all their music. This also works across the internet, so users can access their home music on their phone while on the go or even from any web browser.

OnAir Player is also a multi room streaming solution and a universal music remote control. You can use any device to control the music and simply select where the music should play. For example, you can sit on the couch and use your phone to control the music, select to stream to the TV and the music will play there. It does not matter whether the music is stored on the phone or any other device. It is also possible to stream to multiple devices at the time.

We offer native OnAir Player apps for Android phone, Android Tablet, Windows, Mac, Linux, GoogleTV and the OUYA gaming console. There's also a web app that works with any modern browser, so you can listen to your music at work without the need to install anything.

Last updated 28 Feb 2014

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