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Published 27 Jul 2020

This Covid 19 business has knocked us about so much that we forget, at times, the impact it can have on our first world values. For example, I was talking to a friend who works in a high rise building with close to 1000 employees the other day. Many of his team are still working from home and the reason for that is a simple one - the company can get its workers to the building but, given that lifts can only accommodate a few people at a time, it would take them hours to get all their workers to their floor or office. There was another problem that he told me about too. They are having great difficulties in holding board meetings because they couldn't get everyone together in one room. The obvious solution was to use a video service like Zoom but they were very reluctant to go down that path because of the obvious security issues.

Well, luckily, I could go some way to solving his problem for him with an app that turned up on my desk this week. OnBoard is a next generation virtual board meeting app for Android and iOS that provides a suite of tools for remote, real time board meetings. The OnBoard intelligence platform transforms the complicated, outdated and time-consuming board meeting processes so boards can focus on what matters most: realizing their vision for the organization. The app is guarded by the gold standard in cloud security – Microsoft Azure. It includes Touch ID, two-factor authentication, end-to-end encryption, granular access permission model, salted and stored SHA256 passwords and multiple data centers.

OnBoard is one of the leaders in virtual board meeting management software and have been voted as the number one by many. The developers have created a very streamlined meeting preparation service and provide business leaders with accurate timely information, built-in voting on motions and approvals, RSVP and attendance tracking, surveys, questionnaires and e-signatures and a whole lot more so that business continues to run smoothly and efficiently no matter where your board members may be.

Everything is always up to date with notes and annotations available to view and synced on any device you choose. You'll have a resource centre containing bylaws, past notes and your annual budget as well as the key governance material that you may need at your fingertips. The easy to read dashboard features any upcoming meetings and announcements plus all the material that you'll need for your meetings. It also features multi board support and offline access to make life even easier.

OnBoard offers a simple to use solution that makes it easy and safe for your board and leadership team. It delivers an informed, effective and uncomplicated service with good governance, improved meeting outcomes and helps you make smart decisions quicker and easier while giving peace of mind that your private business is safe and secure. Decision making becomes easier with the creation of a system of record for directors, executives and administrators with intuitive data and analytics. Meetings will become more productive and your fully up to date board books become more intuitive with archives being readily accessible, votes and minutes taken easily giving you more time to concentrate on the business of decisive decision making. OnBoard is available for any device, anywhere you are and at any time you need it.

OnBoard offers a subscription service with a no strings attached free trial so that you can see if it suits your needs with no credit cards needed to sign up. It is the only leading board management software developer to offer this. With this coronavirus pandemic likely to last some time yet, it seems to me that Onboard is going to be an essential way to solve the virtual board meeting dilemma for a while to come. It's very efficient, it delivers all the information you need and, most importantly it's unbelievably safe and secure. 

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