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ONDiGO is a Mobile CRM revolutionizing the way Micro Businesses manage their customers ... More

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Published 19 Sep 2013

It might be fairly easy to keep in contact with your customers and keep notes about your communications when you spend most of your time in the office but it's not quite so easy when you are often out on the road. With a bit of luck you will be keeping notes of your customer conversations but then it's more a question of transferring those notes onto their file back in the office to keep track of everything. ONDiGO CRM is a free CRM app that is built for mobiles and makes it easy to manage your customers when you are on-the-go.
ONDiGO is a mobile CRM that revolutionizes the way micro businesses manage their customers on-the-go. This easy to use business customer relations manager application reinvents the way customer databases are built and cures key pain-points of micro businesses worldwide. ONDiGO is the first Mobile CRM that truly adapts to the way micro businesses work and automatically builds a customer database from daily interactions conducted on mobile devices. With ONDiGO, you can keep track of all your contacts and never forget what you talked about. Write notes in seconds and they will be displayed every time a call comes through, allowing you to stay on top of things at all times. The app is deeply integrated into your mobile device and aggregates all the main means of communication including notes, calls, emails, text messages and documents.
Quite simply, there are heaps of CRM apps on...