Developer description

One Lap is a retro-style, skill-based game that is easy to play but highly addictive, and challenging. The object of the game is very simple - press 'Go' and then use the 'Right' and 'Left' buttons to steer the car around the track to the finish line, without crashing into the grass. It seems very difficult at first, but you will improve your skills and strategies very quickly, which enables you to get further and further around each track. When you complete a track, you will advance to the next track.
Each completed track is then unlocked and available to 'Replay' at any time. You will also be able to view your recorded 'Stats' for each completed track. Pressing 'Play' will always put you on your latest uncompleted track and show you how many attempts you've had on that track so far. The game continually records the number of attempts you've had so far on your current track, as well as on each uncompleted 'Replay' track.
The game also records the number of attempts you took to originally complete each track. Whenever you complete a replayed track, the game will check to see if you've beaten your previous best, and record your new best if you have. You will have the option of resetting the game at any time. However, if you do, you will lose all your current progress, including the ability to 'Replay' your completed tracks.
Can you complete One Lap? Will you beat your family and friends? Will you be the first person to complete all the laps? Good luck and don't give up :)

Last updated 29 Jan 2015