Developer description

Entrepreneurs who want to be considered authorities in their niche now have a new and exciting tool in their online arsenal!
Simply create a webinar using your webcam or a powerpoint presentation and all of the hard work is done. Now, all you have to do is schedule the webinar and the system will help you engage your attendees and because it has a fully functioning auto-responder, it will automatically take care of the most critical and difficult part of your business… the follow up.
While this technology has been proven in SEVERAL niches, it is particularly successful in marketing a product, service or business opportunity to large groups of people and is perfectly suited for network marketers, multi-level marketers and internet marketers, because it allows marketers to present their material and engage their attendees ‘hands free’.
Thats right! Once you create the webinar, you never have to touch it again!
And because you can have attendees download documents and click links to buy your product or service, it alows you to engage your attendees like no other webinar system or teleseminar system available today!

Last updated 6 Aug 2015

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