Developer description

Say hello to the future of the desktop; the new-tab-page which doubles as your dashboard to easily navigate the web. We believe that the time of the old desktop has come and passed, and as only expected, we are offering something new to replace it -

Onefeed is here to make your life easier by concentrating everything you need in one place. Websites, e-mails, and documents are a click away, organized to your liking. Social networks and their activities are with you on “the-go”, while you are out browsing the rest of the web. News is delivered to your frontdoor from all corners of the internet, based on nothing else but your interests. You are now in complete charge of your surfing experience.

Onefeed has over 60,000 users using its beta version, and we are very excited to announce that we have a launch date this week.

Here’s a short video showcasing the product -
Onefeed is currently compatible only with Chrome, get it at or at the Chrome Web Store.

Last updated 22 Jul 2013