Developer description is a movie quiz app created by movie lovers, dedicated to movies and their fans!


Challenge your fandom and your friends’ through a selection of movie quizzes which only true fans can go through unbeaten.

The Movie Collection

We at have created a very unique collection of movies to choose from. The collection of movie quizzes ranges from eternal classics such as Godfather, Casablanca, Citizen Cane and Sound Of Music to Deadpool and the Marvel. Cinematic Universe to popular cult movies such as The Rocky Horror Picture Show, Suspiria and Donnie Darko. Also included is a wide range of animation like Spirited Away, Inside Out, Zootopia and world movies like Les Diaboliques, Amelie and Battle Royale.

The Film Factor

Almost everything in the app serves as a film reference for the curious easter egg hunter in you. Catch your favourite quotes and characters at every step of the experience. Even every different genre of movie enjoys its own specific music and graphics while playing quizzes.


Reward the cinephile in you by winning and earning badges. Every badge is a unique, instantly recognisable character with a quote which serves as a worthy pun for your achievement, be it playing or winning a certain number of quizzes or earning a certain number of points

Ultimately, discover the legitimacy of your claim to fandom, meet other fans and most importantly; celebrate our collective love for cinema!

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Last updated 27 Jun 2016