Developer description

OnGuardHelp app is a personal safety app developed by Guardian Inc. in order to offer an effective tool in the hand of every American regardless of their age. The app has an easy to use interface that can be accessed in just a single tap.

The main features of this app that makes it different from all other apps that fall under the same category are:

• With OnGuardHelp app, you can send a silent alert in life threatening situation without uttering a word from your mouth on your smartphone.
• With a single tap on OnGuard Talk or OnGuard Silent button a call will be activated which is answered 24X7 by a Crisis Monitoring Agent.
• It has a special feature with real time GPS location.
• Its 911 icon initiates an emergency call to the nearest 911 center.
• App is available free of cost on the various APP stores but must be registered at website after the App is downloaded for full operation.

Major application areas:
• It can be used as an effective tool for students on College and University Campuses.
• It acts as a virtual body guard for women who walk alone or commute alone.
• The app can be used as a medical alert system to contact medical services in case of emergency.
• The app is easy to use and can be utilized by Senior Citizens living alone at home so that in crisis they can contact their family or friends, with just a tap on the screen.

OnGuardHelp app can download free of cost where the user will get instant activation of the free plan. There are no subscription charges for the free plan. However, a user can subscribe to our Premium Plans that are available for just pennies per day, monthly or annually with no contracts. For more information on OnGuardHelp app you want to visit our official website:

Last updated 6 Aug 2015

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