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Onyougo is a social network about consumer electronics with all the info(photos, specs, ... More

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Published 11 Dec 2012

It's around this time of year when we often find ourselves wondering if the friends and family around us have actually been paying attention to the hints we've been dropping all year. How can they not know that it was an iPad3 that you wanted and not that movie pass that you really wanted. Well now you can get social with your wants and needs list with OnYouGo. It's a social network for lovers of consumer electronics where you can make lists, check out and compare products and prices and share them with your friends.
Onyougo is a social network about consumer electronics with all the info you will need to make informed decisions including photos, specifications and videos. Make lists of your most desired products and see the products that your friends have or want to have. You can read other people's or write your own reviews, ask questions, rate your products or compare different products. Finally you can get the best prices of hundreds of online shops all in one site! Products are rated using a unique scoring system based on the analysis of an eclectic mix of experts, critics as well as user ratings with the OnyouScore product ranking based in a scale from 0(very bad) to 100(the best).
OnYouGo certainly carries enough consumer based electronics informationto keep the most avid geek happy. Whether you are interested in computers, mobile phones and webcams or televisions and kitchen gadgets you can compare them for capability as well as price here and read reviews. Think the Samsung tablet is better than the iPad? Check it out here at OnYouGo. Need to find out the latest developments in television technology? You can find that out here too. Research your stuff and share your findings with friends. Maybe they'll get the hint next year and that ipad3 (or maybe the Mini) will be in your stocking on Christmas morning rather than that gift voucher for a spa treatment.

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