Developer description

Oobafit offers Free online fitness and nutrition plans and wants to make it easier for everyone in the world to get a little bit healthier. Whether you are young or old, a marathon runner or a couch potato, pregnant or a snowboarder we can help you out. Getting and staying healthy is about getting the right exercise, eating well, setting realistic goals, staying motivated and having fun.
Our product combines a personal trainer, a nutritionist and personal chef to help you meet your fitness goals. We have also added in social networking and fitness and health tracking features that let you exercise with friends and keep on top of your own progress. We take a holistic and tailored approach to health. By creating professional, realistic and tailored exercise and nutrition plans that compliment each other we are able to offer a complete package for people looking to get a healthy body.
We offer a wide variety of plans whatever your goal or level of fitness. If you want to look like Beyonce, lose some weight, get ripped, go snowboarding, improve your bad back or go ballroom dancing there is a plan for you. If you don’t want to join a gym we’ll show you a set of exercises that you can do at home using your furniture as equipment. If you’ve just had a baby we’ll show you exercises designed specifically for post-natal women.
We also offer increased flexibility by allowing you to tailor your plans further. If you want to flatten your stomach, slim your hips or build up your arms then you can create an exercise plan that is specifically designed to target those areas. Beginners get plans with introductory exercises designed to ease them into exercise. For those that are a little more serious we have features such as tailored marathon programmes that let you target a finish time or train for a particular type of course.
But getting healthy is not just about exercise, eating properly is essential if you are to meet your goals. Oobafit lets you easily keep a diary of the food you eat using our database of over 20,000 foods. You can then quickly see just how many calories or how much sugar and salt you eat in a day. You can then use this information to make changes to your diet. To make things easier we provide tailored nutrition plans. These plans are set up to complement the exercise routines and help you reach your goal more quickly. So if you want to lose weight you can get a low-fat meal plan too or if you were trying to get a body like Arnie (when he was younger) then we would recommend one of the bulk-up nutrition plans. These plans are created by our nutritionist and contain healthy and tasty recipes created by top chefs.
All of this is linked to a set of social network features and integration that lets you train alongside and compete with your friends. You can track your progress by monitoring your weight and body shape as well as how far you run or how much you lift. You can create or join teams and compare and compete with others. Perhaps you have the biggest bicep in town, can do the most sit-ups in your office, are the most improved user in your school or have the 3rd fastest 5km in your age group. These features are designed to be fun, improve motivation and help set realistic expectations.

Last updated 1 Jul 2011