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Buy your next property online and get half your normal commission back

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Published 29 Mar 2018

[cont'd] focused on giving great advice about pricing in order to get your offer accepted. Once it is accepted, your agent will remain on the case and stay with you until the purchase is complete - making the closing process easy and stress-free. Click on the 'offers' screen and you’ll always know exactly where you’re at in the closing process and what you need to do next.

So, I think you'll agree that all this sounds pretty good doesn't it? However, there's one other thing I haven't told you about yet that will probably make you sit up and take notice...the cost. Open Listings can save you thousands in fees. Let's assume that you agree to a purchase price of $750,000 for your new home. The typical buyer's agent commission - subject to a $5000 minimum - is 2.5%. This would normally work out to a commission fee of $18,750. Open Listings will give you a commission refund of half that amount back. That's $9,375 to spend on other things. What's more, you get the benefit of all the other services that they offer. Sounds pretty good to me. Open Listings is available for free download for iPhone and iPad on the App Store right now.