Developer description

Open Road is the one driving app for your iPhone. One tap music, one tap navigation and one tap calling. Enjoy driving more.

Open Road allows you to stay focused on the road by giving easy access to navigation, music and contacts. It offers a safer and easier driving experience to do the things you want to do in the car, and it can be used in any car. The beauty of Open Road is the ability to add one tap shortcuts to Playlists, Contacts, Locations, Map Searches, and your favorite driving apps that are already on your device. You also get one unified experience for driving directions & music. Finally!

Open Road has it’s own turn-by-turn navigation (IAP) or you can use your external navigation apps, like Google Maps and Waze. The Open Road music player plays music from your existing Spotify or iTunes Music library. Open Road also accepts Voice Commands for eyes free driving and offers a Global Search button fixed on every screen so that you can quickly search maps, music and contacts.

Once you have set up Open Road with your locations, contacts, playlists, and apps you will instantly benefit from fast access to everything you do while driving. The app utilizes a combination of clean design, large buttons and one touch Interactions to let you use your phone screen as little as possible. It works especially well when you have a car mount or car dock on your dashboard.

Key benefits

• 1-Touch Interactions - Single taps and swipes to control music, maps, navigation, and calling.
• Multi-function Apps - Navigation and Music are meant to be a unified experience in the car.
• Driving Shortcuts - Create shortcuts to your Playlists, Contacts, Locations, Map Searches etc.
• Safety - no more interacting between multiple apps or tapping through deep menus to do things in the car. Tap once for music, once for navigation and once for calling.


• Integrated Voice Commands to perform basic functions
• Bluetooth integration
• One Touch Dashboard for instant access to navigation, playing music, calling or opening an app
• Customize your apps’ colors (IAP)
• Global Search which allows you to find any location, playlist or contact in one interface
• Music Player for iTunes or Spotify that uses tap and swipe gestures for eyes free driving
• Maps App for easy searching and navigating to your desired location
• Daily Commute Notifications (IAP) which provides destination times and traffic information with one touch to open into navigation mode
• Find My Car App (IAP) to set your vehicle’s location and get directions to find it
• Drive Recorder App (IAP) to record your driving - very beneficial if ever you are involved in an accident
• Statistics App (IAP) that gathers things like your average speed, number of cities visited and distance travelled

Last updated 10 Dec 2015

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