Developer description

Openbay is a web and mobile app that allows users to compare quotes, book appointments, and pay for auto repair and maintenance service from shops in their area.

Openbay is reducing time spent researching local, honest mechanics and saving customers hundreds of dollars in repair cost with it’s comparison-shopping platform.

The experience Openbay has created is the only one of its kind. There is no other app that gives customers the ability to instantly compare pricing, book appointments, and pay for service through one platform. By providing the tools to allow customers to drive the selection process, Openbay is creating a new sense of confidence that has not been seen in the auto repair space.

What’s coming up next?
Openbay’s newest product is OpenbayConnect which leverages connected car technology to remotely diagnose your vehicle problems and deliver repair quotes from mechanics nearby.

Last updated 30 May 2015

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