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Editor's review

Published 25 Nov 2011

If you run a business where appointments are a critical part of its success then you might
want to have a look at this online booking app.

If you don’t have a website then that’s not a problem as every OpenCal account comes with
a professionally designed site as part of the deal. If you have an existing site then you can
simply add the online booking system to it and enjoy all of the features.

Whether you run a hair salon or spa or perhaps a real estate agency or dental practice
then this app will not only make life a lot easier but will do wonders for the image of your
business too.

Customers these days tend to expect to be able to hit a website and book online for
anything that needs an appointment. With OpenCal they’ll be able to do that with all of the
bookings going straight through to the diary function allowing you to organize work flow
more efficiently. Customers can select a particular member of staff for their appointment
and the schedule will check availability and plot the day’s work accordingly.

It’s also now possible to take payments via PayPal at the time of booking and the system
will generate automatic alerts to remind your customers of their appointment so they’ll no
longer be able to use the excuse of forgetting when they don’t show up.

One of the great benefits of this system over the traditional A4 appointment diary is that
it can keep all of your customer’s details and purchase history centrally. This should make
any marketing initiatives you may want to carry out a lot easier as well as capturing new
customer information accurately.

From a price angle, if you work alone you can enjoy OpenCal for $19 a month. For a team of
up to 10 staff your business will be able to handle an unlimited number of appointments for
$39 a month.


This app has a good looking interface and should really streamline any business that
depends on appointment booking. Let your customers do the hard work rather than you
constantly leafing through diary pages. The time saved doing that will probably go a fair way
to paying for this one anyway.


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