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Openera automatically organizes email and cloud files to meet corporate compliance requirements ... More

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Published 11 Dec 2012

Everybody hates filing stuff away, don't they. It's the most boring job in the office and nobody likes to be the one to do it. So, despite our best intentions, there always seems to be a bunch of stuff to file away at the end of every day. Eventually, that pile gets so big that it's unmanageable. Personally though, it's not so much the filing that gets to me as trying to find what I'm looking for afterwards and working out what I filed it under. Well, Openera just came into your life to solve both those problems at the same time. Here is a cloud-based, document management application that automatically organizes your emails from all sources into their relevant places and then helps you find them fast when you need them.
Openera is an automated filing app that saves, organizes and backs-up all your files so easily that everyone and anyone can use it with confidence. It automatically organizes email and cloud files to meet corporate compliance requirements and allows the right people to find files fast. Connect your email accounts with cloud services like Dropbox, Box, Google Drive, SkyDrive and Evernote and create preordained rules for filing and organizing. Openera then organizes files to the right place according to personal filings rules or corporate policy. It indexes, tags, and categorize all your files - no matter where they’re stored - so you can find them easily. Equally importantly, by taking advantage of Openera's cloud-based storage, if you mistakenly delete an email or lose it's somewhere in the pack its not the end of the world any more. There'll be a copy in your cloud storage which can now be found really in just two taps. And all from your mobile phone and no matter where you are or what time it is. Your workers can now direct their focus on more meaningful, productive work than filing and find files fast when they need them. Openera's file analytics dashboard allows companies to find, analyze and auto-file important documents while the mobile app lets users find and share files from anywhere.
Openera was born out of the frustration of the developer when he couldn't find an email that he knew he had received. So he created a cloud-enabled mobile service that automatically files your documents and email attachments so you don't have to...and then makes it easy to find them again later. Now it doesn't matter whether we are talking SkyDrive, Dropbox or Evernote because Openera will find what you are looking for with just a couple of taps. There is a basic free plan to give you an idea how it all works but, at about a dollar a week, it's a pretty cost effective way of organizing your emails a bit better.

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