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Developer description

OpenMouth Learn to Speak Chinese helps people learn mandarin Chinese effectively. It has two features:

(1) Learn Mandarin Chinese by speaking. The app can hear your voice, evaluate your pronunciation, and give ratings and feedback.

(2) Learn Mandarin Chinese by asking. When seeing something you do not know how to say or write in Chinese, you may ask the question by uploading a picture.

We believe the best way to learn a language is by speaking loudly and repeatedly, just like a baby learn talking. We believe the best place to learn a language is from a native speaker.

Learn to speak Chinese (mandarin) comes with the most frequently used spoken Chinese phrases. It is equipped with our unique pronunciation training techniques. The real time speech and pronunciation evaluation help you learn to speak Chinese efficiently.

OpenMouth Learn to Speak Chinese helps you speak Chinese (Mandarin) by encouraging you to speak loudly and by talking to other people. It corrects the abnormal phenomena that language learning is a silent and lonely process. The app has two features.

Open your mouth, start from basic words and phases, learn like a baby, learn from a native speaker, learn from OpenMouth.

Last updated 13 Dec 2015