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Goodbye DIY, Hello DBO (Done by Optuno). We build your website, so you don't have to.

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Published 16 Dec 2016

If ever there was a time to have your business website up and running it is now. For both small and big business it's never been quite as important to have an online presence that sits alongside a bricks and mortar enterprise. That's not a huge problem for bigger establishments that can afford to splash out on costly website creation teams but, for small business, it is an expense that seems hard to justify. What tends to happen is that they will choose a do-it-yourself free service like Wix or Aircus to advertise and promote themselves. While there's nothing wrong with either of those two services, they do tend to create generic looking websites that just aren't on a par with the paid ones.

Optuno provides a new website creation app that gives business the most professional of websites while not digging a huge hole in the company's finances. It makes custom website design affordable and simple with everything designed, written, built and maintained by the Optuno team on site. They provide 100% customized, mobile friendly websites using professional copy, access to FICMS - the world's most user friendly CMS, hosting and ongoing maintenance as well as the promise of a free design upgrade every 6-18 months. What's more, they can have your website up and running in 48 hours with a money back guarantee if you aren't completely satisfied.

After you've signed up you can simply pick a basic design from the multitude of themes available. Then it's just a case of customizing the design to your own individual specifications. That can mean new graphics, the removal or addition of new elements and even new colors to match your business profile. Just let Optuno know what you want to change and they will do the rest for you. When you're happy with the changes, the site will be put live and submitted to the top search engines. As I mentioned earlier, maintenance is continual to ensure that your website always looks fresh and upgraded.

Optuno came about originally when the developers had online businesses of their own. They soon discovered that website creation was an expensive business. Over the years the price has come down dramatically. Now we have totally free DIY website creation apps all over the place. The only trouble is, the websites they create tend to all look rather similar and generic. Optuno offers you a website that looks like a million dollars but can only cost you as little as US$49 per month. It's aimed primarily at all those small businesses who feel that website creation is a costly undertaking. Considering the fact that they do all the work for you, $10-15 bucks or so a week is a pretty good price to pay to get you a very professional website, don't you think?

Optuno takes all the stress out of building your website. They do all the hard work and allow you to concentrate on the reason that you got into business in the first place - to make money. All you really have to do is to pick and choose your components and the design and you can leave everything else up to them. Thankfully, they take care of any maintenance of the site, too. The designs are fresh and clean and a clear step up from the DIY versions. You keep track of any changes easily by using the Optuno Control Panel. You can use their copy to fill the site or add your own. They'll even add a Google My Business listing for you. Optuno is available now on the relevant download site. It could be the most important $49 you spend all year.

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