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Published 26 Aug 2015

Now that the real estate industry has pretty much recovered after the debacle of the GFC in 2008 I would have thought that there would be a plethora of apps on the market to guide realtors through the complicated procedures of buying and selling property. But while doing research for this new app, I was surprised that there weren't heaps of similar apps to compare it to. The fact is, there are plenty of apps that deal with specific parts of the real estate process but very few that cover all aspects of the buying, selling and renting of property. So, it's a pleasant surprise to find a real estate management app like this one that covers all sides of property management from contracts and invoices to indexation and renewals. Orange Pear gives you all the weapons to effectively manage your properties and increase your bottom line whether you are a commercial or a private realtor.

Effective real state management doesn't work very well unless you have everything in order and have the time to manage it properly. And when it’s someone else's real estate that you are managing it also means that you need to be accountable for your actions. Orange Pear Online Real Estate Management is a very efficient way of managing your real estate whether you are a private real estate owner, a commercial real estate management company or anything in between. The developers' aim is to unburden the private or professional real estate owner or manager by providing them with a system that automates as many tasks as possible - giving them more time to do the things they do best rather than being overburdened with paperwork. It delivers a complete overview of the financial status of their portfolio(s) as well as all the day-to-day tasks that need to be carried out. Orange Pear gives you the ammunition you need to take care of contract management, invoice management, indexation and renewals, advanced statistics, benchmarking and much more. It gives you a complete overview of your tenants and their lease conditions and you'll never lose a signed contract because you can scan them straight away and store them in the cloud. You'll also get an overview of your debtor situation with invoice reminders being sent out automatically or manually after the payment deadline has been passed. If you use multiple companies within your portfolio, you can even add invoice aliases per owner from which the invoices are sent, whilst still maintaining your own invoice numbering. Realtors will know only too well that sometimes circumstances may force you to revise existing lease agreements. Orange Pear is flexible enough to let you easily change the terms of lease agreements while they are still active. You'll receive notifications when contracts expire or need to be indexed and the annual indexing of lease agreements is also facilitated. Finally, Orange Pear offers advanced statistics at various levels in real-time. For example, users have access to the weighted average remaining length of existing lease agreements (WALR) and the total revenue of lease agreements in a property or portfolio.

Orange Pear is a comprehensive app for all types of real estate professionals and makes it easier for them to manage their portfolios and keep their house in order. It provides a fine set of tools - many with the option of automation - to run your properties from A to Z. It is delivered via a very clear and easy to use dashboard that gives a rundown of outstanding and overdue invoices as well as the indexing and expiration of leasing arrangements. This gives the realtor the chance to react fast and deal with a problem before it turns into a calamity and affects your bottom line. The developers are constantly investigating ways of adding new features which will all be added free of charge.

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