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Editor's review

Published 17 Oct 2011

Knowing what your stock levels are and smoothing out the whole process of picking, packing and despatch is one of the biggest challenges facing businesses with multi-product lines. Add to that the need to re-order diminishing stocks in a timely manner and the whole operation cries out for a decent system.

Order Harmony provides just that whether you sell on a retail, wholesale or online basis. It’s intelligent too and will take current inventory levels into consideration alongside pending purchase orders and minimum stock level data input by you and let you know when and what you need to be ordering. This intelligence also extends to customer orders where the system can predict the likely shipping date allowing you to give customers accurate delivery information.

The system updates automatically when orders are received or purchase orders to suppliers are generated. With the click of a button you can view real time reports on exactly what is in your warehouse, how much of it is about to go out of the door and what’s due in.

The order process itself can be tracked all the way through to shipment and pick sheets and delivery notes printed. Comments can be added and orders can be held for any purpose anywhere in the cycle. You can also drill down to see exactly who processed orders and when. 

You can add the users of your choice to the system and the price varies accordingly. For 1-2 you’ll pay £49 a month each. The cost drops to £44 per user a month for 3-8 users. The accuracy with which you’ll be able to tell exactly what’s in your warehouse though could make it worth the money.

This is a very comprehensive solution for businesses selling a number of lines in a fast moving environment.

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