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Published 27 Mar 2012

[cont'd] wide range of files or file formats. It allows you to store movie files, video files, images as well as different document files in a clean interface. Different forms of files can be segregated and imported into the various tabs provided and you can automatically import files from the iTunes file sharing area or just select them from within the app. MS Office files, iWorks files, Web files and text files are all supported. This means that if you want to store a PDF file, an html file, a doc file or even a zipped file it becomes simple with OrganiDoc HD and they can be delivered in a single interface, making it different to most other iPad productivity apps.  Video files such as wmv or mpg are converted to mp4 or mp3 (audio) to allow you to play them. The other great thing about OrganiDoc HD that makes it truly stand out is its support of cloud storage services.
There are so many excellent apps on the market these days but there are very few that you feel the need to tell your friends about. OrganiDoc HD is one of those great apps filled with tons of features that let's you store many different file formats, whether they be docs, photos, music or videos, and keep them safely in the cloud - it really is the ultimate file storage app. Rich in features and simple to use - OrganiDoc HD is one of those apps that...