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Unlimited photo sharing and video sharing for family and friends. Organize, store, share and enjoy all of your photo memories the easy, private way.

Orgit was born with the idea of changing photo sharing and storage experience. How many times have you found yourself in the situation where you asked others to send you the photos taken at a certain event or occasion? This process is pretty frustrating, isn’t it? And you never get to see all those photos…Our aim is to change this. Using modern technology and focusing on people real needs, we created Orgit, the free group photo sharing app that allows you to share, store and easily access the photos taken by you and your connections.

Orgit is an amazing & completely new cross platform photo sharing app that allows you to easily organize and share all you pictures privately on your smartphone. This picture sharing app allows users to upload, access, organize and share photos from any device and any location across the globe. It is efficient, smart, and – dare we say – fun.

This is a best app for sharing your private photos with family and friends in real-time. It makes sharing pictures at events like weddings, parties, baby showers and more a lot easier.

How it works:
1. Create an album.

2. Import photos and/or videos directly from camera, phone’s gallery, Facebook or Instagram.

3. Invite contacts from your agenda or keep the album private. 

4. Choose whether the contacts you’ve invited are allowed to add photos/invite others in your album or not. You can even set up a passcode for your album!

Join the fun and see for yourself how Orgit will transform your photo sharing and storing experience!

Last updated 20 Mar 2016

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