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Published 17 Sep 2011

OrlandoDiningDeals is pretty well what it says it is. If you live in or near Orlando in Florida you'll know how many restaurants there are down there. Or maybe you're just visiting. Disneyland calling you? So of that vast amount of restaurants wouldn't you like to see where you can get the best deal  and find out more about the place you might be eaten in?
This email food deal tool finds all the best restaurants in beautiful Orlando and brings you the best deal possible from them. It does this by negotiating great deals directly with the restaurants and then delivers them to you to use by email throughout the week. You can simplify it even further by listing your dining preferences and you will only be sent dining deals applicable to you and your friends' tastes. Just enter your email details. Customers can then select and purchase their dining experience from the daily deals Simply select your deal, enter payment information and that's it. You'll receive your certificate from OrlandoDiningDeals via email right away and you're on your way to a great dining deal!

Well the first thing is, the deal isn't limited to the fine city of Orlando. Just click the 'select a new city' tag for reciprocal deals in Atlanta, Denver, Jacksonville, Las Vegas, Memphis, Nashville, New York City and Tampa with more to come. The deals are great with normal price and deal price listed so you can see just how much you are saving and the choice of restaurants is large and varied. Assuming you eat and visit one of these fine cities this is well worth a look.

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