Developer description

OSEF lets any single group of people, even those that don’t know each other, to create a collective private photo album, wherein each participant can contribute photos, comments and invite new participants to the group.

OSEF enables quick and real time photo sharing, without the prior need of exchanging email, face- book or any other address’s etc,.

Each album can be password locked, and the application is absolutely free - no registration is required!

The collective photo- album can be viewed by all participants /guests on their mobile devices, PC, laptops, and streamed live to any screen.

Check out our screen shots and video for more information.

Before posting or rating, if you have any issues,
Please contact at [email protected]

Detailed description:
Simply and instantly create a photo album, upload your selected images and photos, and invite others to upload and contribute their photos, view and experience together, comment, and share.

Key Features include:
Free download,
Participant can contribute their images
Add album comments,
NO REGISTRATION, you can use the system anonymously!
1-Click Facebook photo sharing / posting,
Easiest way to privately share photos together, as a group, with your smartphone
Send just your album ID number and Password for quick invitations.
Send invitations using your favorite messaging system – SMS, Facebook, whatsapp, etc.

Choose who can see your photos - You're in control. You can share your photo Album with only the people you choose too -- specific individuals that you send the album ID number and Password to.

Register only if you want us to back up your private album listing, or to enable you a 1-Click Facebook posting - WE WILL NEVER POST WITHOUT YOUR PERMISSION!

Use OSEF to share photos and pictures from
Bachelor parties,
College parties,
Frat party,
St. Patrick's Day Party,
Family reunion,
Block party,
Throwback Night,
Halloween party,
Palmer Fest,
Frosh Week,
Duke Tailgating,
State Patty's Day,
Mifflin Street Block Party,
Slope Day,

and any other occasion, that may be important, even meetings

Use OSEF to start your own photo party :)

Please note: We take your privacy very seriously. You’re always in complete control.

Last updated 8 May 2013