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Developer description

EmailDoctor OST to Office 365 Converter is one of the best possible solution to import OST file to O365 in just a few simple clicks. Moreover, unlike manual solution, it is a foolproof solution to transfer OST without compromising data integrity.

The best features of EmailDoctor OST to Office 365 Converter tool:

Generates an instant preview of data items stored in Outlook OST file
Import all data items stored in offline OST file like emails, contacts, etc.
Move selective data from a particular date range by using date-based filter
Keeps folder structure intact as original even after OST to O365 Migration
Allows to perform category-wise selection to transfer selective data from OST file
Supports Microsoft Windows 10/ 8.1/ 8 and all above versions.

Steps to Import OST to Office 365 User Account

1. Open the OST to Office 365 Converter on the local machine. Click on the "-" button in order to browse the OST file. Choose the file and click on the Open button
2. After that, click on the Add File button and preview all data items stored in itĀ 
3. Then, click on the Export button to move all emails at once. Or you can choose desired emails also, right-click on the selected emails and select Export button.
4. Now, select Office 365 radio button to perform OST file to Office 365 migration
5. Click on the Advance Settings button and choose Office 365 Settings first
6. If you want to Use Impersonation feature, enter admin username and password
7. Then, click on the General Settings option and customize the import process:
Date & Time Filter Option: In order to move data from selective date range
Categories: In order to move any particular mailbox items like Mails, Contacts, Tasks, Journals, etc.
Set the settings accordingly and click on the Save button
7. Now, choose any of these two ways of migration:
Enter Destination Mailbox: Enter details i.e. O365 name and password and the tool will validate it.
Provide Destination Mailbox(SMTP address) from CS: Upload the CSV file directly containing destination mailboxes name and password.
9. Here, for example, you have selected Enter Destination Mailbox radio button and then on Next button
10. Now, enter all the required details i.e. Office 365 name and Password and it will validate the Office 365 account. Then, click on the Export button.

11. After that, an Export Report is generated displaying the success and fail count of the migration process
12. Click on the Save button and save the complete Export Report on the local machineĀ 
13. Finally, click on the OK button to finish the OST to Office 365 import process.
Final Verdict
As data is very important for any user and one cannot afford a loss of single bit of information. So, to import OST to Office 365 account using manual approach is not at all a good choice. The EmailDoctor OST to Office 365 Converter is one of the widely used applications for the same. Therefore, a user can easily switch to this software for reliable and hassle-free migration.

Last updated 8 Jan 2018

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