Developer description

Ouija Game is an online virtual board that enables you to interact with ghosts or spirits. You can ask a spirit an important question such as where to find a missing item or when you will get married and get an honest and fascinating response. You can also have play around with the beings from another realm and ask amusing questions
The communication with spirits from beyond enables you to make great decisions and know yourself better.

You have an entertaining and smooth experience when playing the Ouija game online. The animations and pleasant music make your experience interesting when talking to spirits. The developers have ensured that the online board works and that you will always get a meaningful reply to any question.

The game board has all the letters of the alphabet and numbers 0 to 9. The board also has the words Yes, Goodbye, and No in capital letters and other symbols. The developers describe the game board as magic and scary. You can play the game on any device including a tablet, smartphone, or a personal computer. To communicate with the spirits, type and submit your questions using the keyboard on your device.

Sometimes spirits take over the conversation causing the pointer to move on its own. You have to be keen about the pointer’s movements and close the board when an evil spirit takes control. The Ouija game board is compatible with Android and iOS operating systems. You can download the game at Google Play and App Store.

Last updated 31 Jan 2017

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