Developer description

Our Interview records two party interviews in a single pass. Using just a single iPhone or iPad, an interviewer is filmed asking questions and the interviewee's answers are recorded as they are given.

A single video of both questions and answers is automatically produced at the end of the interview along with a written transcript, if requested. individual questions can be re-recorded without having to restart the entire interview.

Interview questions can be entered ahead of time. A single tap of the screen switches the camera from interviewer to interviewee and displays the next question automatically.

There is an on-screen stopwatch (all versions) and a volume meter (PRO version only)

A completely free version is available for school or home use but is limited to 5 minutes of recorded interview. The XT version has a 15 minute interview limit whilst the PRO version allows unlimited interviews.

The idea came from watching school children recording interviews without being able to see the child who was asking the questions.

Last updated 7 Sep 2020

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