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A mobile CRM designed specifically for businesses with reps in the field

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Outfield is a mobile interactive CRM made for businesses with reps in the field. Our ... More

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Published 15 Sep 2014

The way business works is changing rather rapidly in the 21st Century. Rather than everything being purely centered around an office environment, more and more businesses are working with reps in the field - whether it be in the local community, nationally or worldwide. It used to be complicated to keep in touch and collaborate with mobile workers who would report in anyway they could but mostly via expensive phone calls, emails or by fax. I'm sure you remember those horrible fax machines. Some of you are probably still using them now. Thankfully, those days seem numbered when apps like this one come along. Outfield is a mobile CRM that is specifically designed for businesses with reps scattered all over the place. It gives managers a complete up-to-date rundown on what their field reps are up to as well as providing an easy-to-use and very convenient conduit for reps to report in their progress from their mobiles -no matter where they may be.
Outfield is a mobile interactive business CRM that was created to mutually address the CRM needs of business managers and their field reps with its versatility unmatched in the mobile CRM market.  It was designed to easily integrate with your existing CRM with interactions seamlessly pulled-from and pushed-to your company’s existing software tools. However, it will function perfectly as your primary set of management tools, if you wish. The app gives field reps the ability to access their entire book of business from the palm...