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A mobile CRM designed specifically for businesses with reps in the field

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Published 15 Sep 2014

[cont'd] of their hand and in real-time. This gives them a powerful organizational tool to review previous business activity and stay connected to all of their accounts.  Outfield accelerates your necessary CRM data input by integrating it to your CRM directly from the mobile app and saves field reps heaps of time as well as boosting productivity. Management gets the accountability they need to oversee and supervise large or small field teams and can easily access and review all of their activities including check-in’s, emails and meetings as well as any relevant notes that relate to their accounts, stores and contacts.  You can create custom field reports that are specific to your business and review them easily just as they are happening in the field - providing managers with the analytics and transparency that they need. Specific reports, assessments or surveys can be easily created in response to meetings with stores or customers and attached to specific interactions. All these reports are instantly synced with all mobile apps for greater transparency.
Outfield isn't just a convenient communication platform for business. It's actually a completely interactive, real-time CRM that both managers and reps on the road will find easy-to-use. It will save reps precious time when reporting on their daily activities by streamlining and giving them more time to become more productive and a better chance of increasing their field sales. One of its best features is its ability to let you discuss any problems immediately...