Developer description

Outrun allows you to win actual real life money (transferred to your chosen account), by competing in weekly contests to get the most steps. We also reward the runner-ups with prizes for those who place 2nd to 10th. Your steps are tracked using your chosen tracking app; Apple’s Health app, FitBit or Garmin. And that’s it, simple as that.

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Our weekly contests start on Mondays at 12:00am and finish the following Sunday at 11:59pm, with a further 24 hour window to update steps before the results are announced. The prize amounts will increase with the amount of players that have entered, so be sure to invite your friends to increase the incentive.

Our leaderboard will enable you to keep an eye on how other players are doing every step of the week, so you can catch up or stay on top (or for bragging purposes). You can also track your personal progress on the profile screen, showing you statistics on total steps, distance, calories and money won. It’s here that you can also change your profile picture, username, tracking app and claim prizes too.

Last updated 22 Jun 2020

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